Meet The Inventor

Jaimyn JupiterThank you for stopping by this page. By telling you a little about me, I hope you will find how passionate I am about helping you achieve your goals without pain and frustration.

My fascination with fitness began at an early age. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade my father (a black belt fighter in the military special forces) announced I was going to boxing practice.

That led to football, basketball and even skateboarding among other sports.

powertrampologaOnce in college, I majored in Biology at the University of South Carolina. That degree made transitioning into becoming an A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness trainer easy.

The last 15 years I have been training all age groups from children to senior citizens in all facets of fitness including sports specific. I also coach children on skateboarding techniques.

My extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology was enforced even further by becoming licensed massage therapist (L.M.T.) in 2009.

This experience helped solidify my well rounded skills as an athlete and facilitator of safe , effective , fun , intuitive training and teaching .

Most recently I’ve set about finding a way to give my client’s a top performing workout, without stressing joints and aggravating past injuries.  It was during this quest I came up with the idea for The Power Trampologa (R), patent pending.

No MORE JOINT PAIN*! Physical Therapist love it! As a fitness innovator and inventor I have dedicated my life to fitness and wellness.
I am also an aspiring musician and front man of Atlanta based live Rock Hip Hop band “Jaimyn Jupiter and The Space Age Rat Pak” (

As a talented and competitive basketball player I fell short of furthering my career due to poor decision making , inadequate fitness preparation, youthful decision making and injury…. The result and best case scenario solving this equation.. Power Trampologa = Redemption. Everything and every misfortune up to this point has happened for a very good and valid reason.


The Power Trampologa Anti-Gravity workout gym is specifically designed to train every fitness level (& all ages) from beginners to the professional athlete. You’ll experience a variety of routines that target every facet of fitness,  engages your core and gives you a low impact “cloud” platform for your cardio workouts.

The Power Trampologa resistance band technology WILL help you increase your strength, your flexibility and balance. Perfect for everyday workouts, as well as recovery from injuries or surgeries.

Made in the USA of durable, high quality materials a 10 year limited warranty is included.

No assembly is required and it’s super portable, storing easily under a bed or standing up in a closet.

Start your next level workouts today! Ordering is easy just click here.



  • Every fitness level (beginner to expert)

  • Low impact

  • Faster Results

  • Gain strength

  • Improve flexibility & balance

  • Engage your core

  • Lose weight

  • Physical Therapy

  • Injury or surgery rehab

  • No assembly required

  • Have lots of Fun!

  • Extra durable: 10 year limited warranty

  • Proudly Made in USA!

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